Welcome to SpatialTis’s documentation!#


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SpatialTis is an ultra-fast spatial analysis toolkit for large-scale spatial single-cell data.

  • ✔️ Spatial Transcriptome (Non single-cell)

  • ✔️ Spatial Proteome (Single-cell)

  • 🦀 Core algorithms implements in Rust

  • 🚀 Parallel processing support

🔋 Highlighted spatial analysis

  • Cell neighbors search (KD-Tree/R-Tree/Delaunay)

  • Cell-Cell Interaction

  • Marker spatial co-expression

  • Spatial variable genes (current support: SOMDE)

  • GCNG: Inferring ligand-receptor using graph convolution network

  • Identify neighbor dependent markers

📦 Other analysis

  • Spatial distribution

  • Hotspot detection

  • Spatial auto-correlation

  • Spatial heterogeneity

For a quick view of what it’s does, check our the tutorial part.